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Midway for blogOn this Memorial Day, I encourage San Diego residents and visitors to visit the USS Midway Museum. It’s a tremendous gift to have this amazing place in our backyard. It’s a wonderful tour and has all kinds of discounts for kids, seniors, active military and students. And AAA Club members get $2 off! Regular adult admission is $19.

One trick though, consider it a secret that I learned too late: the captain’s bridge is where it’s at! The tippy top of the ship where the captain runs things and makes his commands — that’s a very special place. And I didn’t see it. It sort of pops up on you towards the end of the natural progression of the tour. And this is not a circular tour like Graceland where you see things in one order without turning back. You can go anywhere anytime and it’s a full labyrinth of tunnels and rooms on many levels.

Anyway, the captain’s bridge tour is a bit restrictive. Only 20 people at a time are allowed and as the day progresses, the line gets long and longer. After four hours at the Midway, I found this tour and had to pass. The line was too long at 2 PM. So if you go, literally get to the Midway when it opens at 10 AM and then run to the captain’s bridge tour first! I am sure it has the most outstanding views from a collection of views that is pretty hard to top. In fact, the photo I chose for this blog post shows the line — well, the part you can see. It wraps around the corner. From here it goes up stairs.

You will be outside for at least an hour on the Midway, so wear sunscreen anywhere the sun hits you! And this ship does not easily accomodate the disable or those who can’t walk and climb vertical stairs (called ladders throughout the ship). Bring flat shoes. There isn’t a great collection of healthy food so bring some water and a sandwich. I found only one water fountain on the whole ship by the women’s rest room.

This is a link to my Facebook photo album. Most of these were taken without flash because lighting in the ship is all over the place. These are unedited and for the sake of showing you the ship, less than they are beauty shots. It was a very transforming day for me. To the living and since-passed 225,000 sailors who served aboard the Midway during its lifespan, and to all those who serve their country in any capacity today – thank you!

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