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Furnace and A/C Control — Why I love my NEST Thermostat and CO Detector

Nest ThermostatEarlier in 2014, I installed a new gas furnace and central air conditioning system in my San Diego home. Believe me, it was mostly for the air conditioning. That alone, that treat of all treats, has been well worth this rather pricey investment. At the time, I went for the gold and had the installers put in a new NEST thermostat and a new NEST smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector in one bedroom. The other rooms have what you’d call “regular” smoke and CO detectors.

So the summer went by and enjoying my A/C was all I thought about. Until the winter and last night (New Year’s Eve, 2014) it dropped to 32 degrees in coastal San Diego. Brrrr!

These last few winter weeks have had me enjoying my investment in a whole new way. You see, previously I was completely content with my 1976 gas furnace, original to construction. I didn’t want to be bothered with anything new or be talked into an upgrade – it worked great.

Then my Lennox furnace began to get used in late 2014. It’s dreamy, WAY quieter, and always supremely controlled by my NEST thermostat. The experience of controlling the heat or cold from the gorgeous glass mechanism in the hall is one thing, but I can control all temps from my phone or any computer in the world.

I recently did just that while I was traveling — checking in with my NEST account online periodically to control the heat in the house for my cat at home. Indulgent? No. Free and part of the system.

The bedroom smoke and CO detector is beautiful. Every night when the lights go out to go to sleep, the NEST spins a beautiful color green once around the detector to let me know that it’s OK to go to sleep — it’s ready to keep working all night. I love this light trick and feel safe.

They’re not the cheapest products but they are truly the best.

Today I share with you a video to glimpse the world of NEST. Go ahead, splurge on yourself in 2015. This is an enthusiastic, non-paid endorsement!

P.S. If you’re thinking of selling, I may recommend that you install these prior to listing. Great wow factor. You’ll get every penny back. -Kimberly (858) 452-2599 or


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