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“That Box Is Too Small!” A Cat and Dog Video to End the Week

CarlyI don’t know about you and your pets, but I have three cats and one is particularly large (not this one). And I do plan to make some videos of them. But regardless of their size, each tries to do the same thing: squeeze into a place or thing that is simply too small. Many times I have walked in the room to find my large girl Bella’s huge Tortie behind and white legs in the air, wiggling around, because her head is trapped in a box or bowl just like with these adorable pets. Somehow though she always manage to “get out of it” and save herself. These are really laugh-out-loud moments in my life and I hope in yours, too.

Wishing you a great weekend — with your pets! And if you have a link to any funny cat videos, please let me know. The photo today is of Carly, my cat who likes to get small and hide. Here, hiding in the vet’s kitten scale.

And P.S. the housing market in San Diego has slowed down again – ever so slightly. It’s mostly a buyer’s market both under and over $500K.



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