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San Diego Home Sellers: How We Sell Your Listings

Macys Blend Real EstateSellers, we do everything possible to sell your San Diego listing. Including our $50 weekly gift card giveaway to agents who show our listings. There is no obligation to that agent — if they show a listing, they are in the drawing. Here’s another gift card being mailed to a happy winner! This week it was from Macy’s. This gesture builds good relationships with our fellow brokers and agents, it people want to work with us…and it makes them want to bring you an offer.

When was the last time you got a $50 gift card in the mail for doing your job? Exactly – never. They go a LONG way! We do all this for you, because we know it helps sell our listings faster and for the most money possible. And it makes for a smooth transaction when and if we work with the winner. We are some of San Diego’s most successful listing agents.

We thought you should know.

-Kimberly Dotseth, broker/owner

Blend Real Estate

858 452-2599

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Blend Real Estate – Welcome!

Final_Color-Small Type (2)Welcome to Blend Real Estate, a new real estate brokerage in San Diego. I am Kimberly Dotseth, the broker/owner of Blend. My goal when starting this firm was to focus exclusively on the needs of sellers and listing their homes for sale. We will continue to represent buyers of course. Our clients are extremely loyal and if you’d like to work with us as a buyer, please contact me today so I can set you up with a special property search that accesses only our local Multiple Listing Service, not those third-party sites which are so often inaccurate.

As we grow Blend, our marketing turns towards the needs of our sellers. Listing property is our specialty and we want to tell the world.

Particularly, we will focus on the listings of San Diego estates — those being the properties transitioning from one family to another. We have a listing package for sellers who are the heirs, trustees or family members of someone who is selling their lifetime home, or in some cases these sellers are managing the sale of an owner who has passed away.

This package includes a full estate sale at the property at no cost, typically conducted over two weekends if necessary.  You keep all the funds. We then coordinate emptying or preparing the home for sale. This is on top of all the other listing services we offer you. We have so many happy sellers with this type of listing that we invite you to speak to our references after a listing appointment with you.

Aside from estate sales, we list every other kind of home for sale. We have a comprehensive listing package for all sellers that includes staging, professional photography and access to our special vendor list to utilize to prepare your  home for sale if it needs any work at all. Most importantly, you get our tough negotiating skills once you get offers so you get the best deal and the best buyer.

Our showing process is formal and scheduled in writing so you always know who is entering your home and when. All appointments are scheduled through us, so strangers won’t call your home or drop in on you. Your offers are also managed in writing. We have crafted a special Offer Review software process to help you sort through what will often be multiple offers on your home. This analysis shows you the best of the best on one page — and hint, some sellers don’t always take the very highest priced offer. Everyone has different needs.

Our reputation in San Diego is stellar and with this new direction, we look forward to serving our clients for years to come. And to our returning clients, thank you for your years of service with Green Box Homes. Welcome to Blend.

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