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San Diego Real Estate — All 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Homes for Sale in San Diego County

DSC_0005-001Greetings! This post brings you into a small experiment I did this afternoon with our Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Sandicor.

To me, the market seems a bit funky, with only really perfectly priced properties selling quickly. What I am seeing is a lot of property not selling, and yet we don’t have a lot of inventory. So herein lies the experiment.

I wanted to know the prices of all three bedroom, two bathroom detached homes with at least a one-car garage currently listed for sale in San Diego County. And I wanted to see where these homes were located.

If the home has an HOA, I did not include it. If it was east of Alpine, I did not include it. But I went as far as North County near Camp Pendleton and as far south as the Imperial Beach and Paradise Hills areas.

The number of homes for sale with this criteria is only 302. That seems like a small number to me. What do you think?

It appears that the majority of the properties are in North County, El Cajon and/or parts of the inner city of San Diego. I have blocked out the addresses because I am required to, but I thought you’d appreciate seeing what I see! Click the link below to see the homes as I found them. The acronym “DOMLS” stands for Days on the MLS or days on the market. These are not the AVERAGE home for sale with my criteria. It’s ALL homes for sale with my criteria, so you’ll see the pricey homes in La Jolla and Coronado too, if they have exactly 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, at minimum a one-car garage and no HOA.

If I can further break down these numbers for you, please call (858) 452-2599 or email It will be a curious spring, that’s for sure. -Kimberly

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Today’s post photo is from my personal collection of photography.

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