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San Diego Fence Rules

SAMSUNG CSCSomething homeowners ask me, even when shopping for a home: “Can I build a fence around my yard?”

In San Diego that’s a big question. Generally the answer revolves around city permits which generate city fees.

You CAN add a fence to your San Diego property. Typically the rule is that a 1) chain link, 2) a wood or 3) a masonry fence up to 6 feet tall does not need a permit.

But there are parts of San Diego and in La Jolla (which is part of San Diego) that have exceptions to this rule. Please call the city permit desk to share your address and get the answer that is best for you. It will be based on your address. That number is (619) 446-5000. More than likely you will not need a permit up to 6′, but you will always need a permit, plans and full city approval for anything over 6′.

Once I had a San Diego client who had to get a permit and draw up formal plans for a 4′ fence because at six feet it would have blocked his neighbor’s view to the street from the neighbor’s driveway. Sections of his fence had to be mere inches high so the neighbor could exit his own driveway with a full view. And the city wanted to sign off on it so it was definitely more complicated but still only four feet high at the most. And sometimes the building materials themselves are more complicated regardless of height, and a permit is needed.

Below is the BEST article about San Diego fencing that I have read in a long time.

Click here for the San Diego Union Tribune recent story on fencing. Hint: before you sell your home, let’s look at your fence. It makes a great first impression if it looks good and a rocky first impression if it needs work. Any investments in fence repair or full replacement are usually going to come right back to you in your sales price.

The recent number one objection on an otherwise great listing of mine? Lack of fencing. Every single buyer complained and it was a great house on a corner lot.

Enjoy the week!

-Kimberly Dotseth, broker/owner

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Today’s photo: An open gate at a radio station on Buddy Holly Boulevard in Lubbock, Texas. It caught my eye for many reasons.


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