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Remodeling and Recouped Costs When Selling Your Home – San Diego

reviseddoorOften I am asked, “What can or should I do to my house to get the most money when I sell?” You know, someone asking me the cost vs. value equation. That answer has more to do with your location or ZIP code than you’d think. That aside, some remodel projects will simply pay off in bigger ways for you when it’s time to sell — especially if you do these projects within a few months of listing your home for sale. Once you’ve lived with these renovations a while, they are no longer new enough to guarantee any kind of super return. If you did them a while ago, please keep things in good shape!

Remodel Magazine has published a wonderful list of the costs for remodel projects and the projected percentage “return” for each item when selling.

Of the high rate-of-return items, my favorites for you to do before listing your house, in order of importance, are:

  1. Entry Door Replacement — the nicer, the better your rate of return -
  2. Garage Door Replacement — oh, it all comes back to you -
  3. Window Replacement/Vinyl — no regrets here, either -
  4. Minor Kitchen Remodel/Typically paint and new appliances and a simple,  new counter — a fresh kitchen investment is money in the bank.

It’s not on the list, but the LEAST “rate of return” thing you can do to your house is convert the garage into a bedroom or office. This inevitably seems like a great idea at the time, but it’s never a good idea when it is time to sell.

Take a look at the list and see what you think. Questions? Just ask! I will meet you at Lowes or Home Depot to price items with you once we are working together. Remodeling and recouped costs are things you want to study so you spend your money wisely.

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San Diego Remodel Costs


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