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Just a quick San Diego real estate video (below) to let you know it’s a full time glorious job selling homes in San Diego. And I love new clients.

How can I help you?

Do you know about some of our home seller bonuses?

San Diego is going through the peak of a seller’s market. Buyers, we can help you through this. Sellers, we are working hard for you no matter what the high demand is for homes. As I call it, selling your home is the ‘big show” for us — no rest until you’re sold, closed and happy.

Call or email now to get started. Thanks!

Kimberly Dotseth, broker/owner

Blend Real Estate


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Hottest Neighborhood in San Diego? We Say It’s 92111

92111 is hot

A local magazine recently ran a big annual article on the “hottest neighborhoods” in San Diego. We read it with interest, but the article didn’t explain how it is to live in those neighborhoods. And it really didn’t have a real estate point-of-view. To that, we are highlighting what we feel is THE hottest neighborhood in San Diego. Yes, this ZIP code was coincidentally in the article, but it was lumped with others. This ZIP code, 92111, singularly and by itself is the hottest neighborhood in San Diego, according to Blend Real Estate.

What to call this area though? Clairemont? Clairemont East? Maybe, but we think of it as more Kearny Mesa. The perimeters of this neighborhood are in this link.

The residential portion is everything south of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and north of Mesa College Drive. Its western edge is Genesee Avenue, and it goes all the way east to the I-163.

It’s a mix of commercial & residential and the homes are really amazing. Smaller, typically. Always single story, always with a big garage. Sometimes a second story is found if the house has been modified. 3 to 4 bedrooms maximum. Typically 2 bathrooms maximum. This is an older neighborhood of well-kept single family bungalow-style and ranch homes. Most were built in the mid-to-late 1950s and into the early 1960s.

What do we love about 92111? That most people haven’t discovered it, and you can buy a home here and really make it your own. The front and backyards are really sizable and usable. (The post photo is one of our 92111 listings). And we like that the neighbors aren’t typically party animals who will respect your privacy, your quiet enjoyment and your lawn. People are kind, really interesting and often very longtime residents. These are not million dollar properties. These properties are the heart of San Diego.

The area isn’t really in full gentrification mode, which is good. It can be a bit of a hodgepodge in terms of commercial options, but there are several Starbucks, so the big corporations are here and thriving. Grocery store options are good, transportation is also very reliable once on Balboa or Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, and freeway access is good.

We love taking listings in this area because we already know the homes, the floor plans, layouts and the values so well. We know how to list and stage and sell them. We know some of the pitfalls (potential termites) and some things to watch out for (raised foundation plumbing issues come to mind — but most of the homes are well-maintained).

Here’s a chart on the real estate action and pricing in the last two years in San Diego 92111:

92111 Homes

This chart is from Sandicor as of March 2, 2016, and all 2016 data is year to date. With regards to 2016, our prediction is that the average sold price will be over $530,000 because the heavy summer selling season hasn’t yet started. Winter 2015/2016 was a slow time to list in San Diego and that’s only now changing in March.

We love this part of town, we know every street, shortcut, where to shop and where to eat, and can tell you the absolute best price for the house you want to BUY or SELL!

Are you ready to sell in 92111 or learn about buying options? Reach out! Call today (858) 291-8110, or email to get started!

Kimberly Dotseth, Broker and Owner

Blend Real Estate

7770 Regents Road #113-275

San Diego, CA 92122



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We Professionally Clean Your Home For Free When Selling

Blend Cleanology Owl JPGBlend Real Estate is pleased to announce its new partnership with Cleanology of San Diego. Cleanology is a fantastic and serious housekeeping service located throughout San Diego County. CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO THE LEFT! 

Now, when listing your home for sale with Blend Real Estate, we will pay Cleanology to come to your home and clean it top to bottom before it hits the market! This cleaning can occur right before the professional photography, so your home is truly sparkling for the photos! San Diego real estate never had it so good.

And of course you as the home seller will enjoy your clean home while we are marketing it for sale.

Cleanology uses its own products and tools, and everything will smell natural and fresh. There is nothing for you to do. Just say yes!

(This service does not include hauling away any items from your home or trash removal.)

Often sellers want to sell, but have a hard time getting ready to sell. So we will do all the work. And there’s more!

After the cleaning, Blend Real Estate steps in with its free Surface Staging program, really turning your house into a show place.

Surface Staging is something we invented and it means we buy new items and accessories for every surface of your home. It puts the right polish on each listing and explains why we sell our listings so fast, for such top dollar prices.

If your home is occupied, after it’s clean we will stage it for one day of photography, then move the items out and you’ll live with your own home items again.

The work to sell your home starts when we first sign with you! It’s a busy process. A timeline of events will be provided to you very early in your listing, so you’ll always know what is happening and when with your home.

We are ready to meet you and schedule your free house cleaning.

In the meantime, we have a new secondary website devoted to home searching. Look for your new home or sign up for our newsletter here, at

Kimberly Dotseth, broker/owner

Blend Real Estate

(858) 291-8110 or (619) 261-1909

Kerry Garnett, Realtor

Blend Real Estate

(858) 268-4733 or (858) 869-3351

California BRE Licenses #01179760 and #01835915

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Assembly Bill 139 – NEW LAW: “Transfer on Death” Deed Avoids Probate

Blend Real EstateEach new year brings new laws. Not just to California, but everywhere.

This new California law is an excellent one that became effective January 1, 2016.

Assembly Bill 139 was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2015 for an effective date of 1/1/2016. It is set to automatically stop on January 1, 2021, unless the State Assembly keeps updating it and/or re-passing it.

It should and probably will continue, since this one single bill allows homeowners to solve a costly problem: “Who gets your house when you die?”

If you die without a will and you own a home, or even if you have a will and it’s contested, this solves all of those potential problems. And you control it now!

You, as a homeowner, can sign and record at your county recorder’s office a document call the Revocable Transfer Upon Death Deed (RTDD). Automatically, upon your death, the property you own is transferred to the person named in your RTDD.

The property can be anything described as 1-4 units, a condo, or agricultural land up to 40 acres.

The RTDD you file can also be revoked by you if you change your mind. You would simply file a revocation document at the county to rescind your RTDD. Then you could file a new RTDD if you choose.

To be valid, the RTDD has to be filed at the county within 60 days of you signing it and having it notarized. You can’t stick it in a file or a drawer — not good enough. Filing fees vary by county, but the San Diego County Recorder charges about $10 per page. You pay the clerk at the counter who “records” it for you. It can also be done by mail. This is a one – two page document. And it must include the property “legal description” of your home, which I can help you get, if you need help.

The RTDD only becomes effective upon the death of the person filing it and once filed, it does not affect any property rights of the filer during his or her lifetime.

It’s not hard!

This completely eliminates probate or family squabbles about “who gets the house” upon death. Your will could perhaps specify that the receiving party must also sell the home within X months and divide proceeds among X recipients, that sort of thing.

Obviously speak to an estate attorney on these specifics, as I am not an attorney nor is this legal advice. The purpose of the form is for you, the homeowner, to decide who gets your property and you decide now, in your happy lifetime.

This is really beneficial for the senior citizen who doesn’t have a lot of money to create a trust or will. It is valid and legit. It is simple. That’s why the law passed easily.

RTDD — look into it! And how can I help you with your home today or in the future?

Kimberly Dotseth, broker/owner

Blend Real Estate

(858) 291-8110


More news on this topic.

Photo copyright: Kimberly Dotseth, Blend Real Estate 2007 – 2016

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El Nino Preparedness 2015

KK RainToday there’s a light but cold rain in San Diego and lots and lots of wind. As I look out a balcony, a table cloth of mine is blowing. As I look downstairs on the patio, a wind chime blew down and several other garden ornaments, heavy ones, blew around. Up and down it’s a mess at my house and just because of wind, not water.

Clearly I am not El Nino 2015 ready. Maybe the same applies to you.

Below are links I found that will be enacted on by me and my husband in the coming weeks. Consider these your El Nino preparedness steps, too.

Sand Bags

Sand bags can be filled for free throughout the county. Click here.

Flood Insurance

Anyone can purchase flood insurance through FEMA. Even renters can purchase this insurance. But your policy has to be in place 30 days before you can file a claim! So get busy! I’ve been through the entire FEMA website to save you the trouble find the ‘Purchase Insurance’ link. Click here. Once you click, you will complete the red box on the right side of your screen, which will open up a new page of insurance agents in your area that sell FEMA’s flood insurance. I contacted one today.

Flood Cost Calculator

If you don’t purchase flood insurance and are flooded, you’re on your own. Renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover flood. Here, check the FEMA calculator to work up your potential out-of-pockets costs without flood insurance. I took the test for a 1,000 SF home, but my home is larger. And I calculated one-inch of water. The total damage for 1,000 SF: $10,600. Let’s round that up to $15,000 to be safe because my house is larger. Wait! What? Living room furniture replacement estimated at only $250? Oh oh. Let’s go to $20,000 for one inch of water. Click here to test your home, and it’s the blue box.

Paperwork Preparedness

This is a fairly decent plan, also put out by FEMA, that organizes your family’s plan via paperwork and action steps. Look at it here.

Disaster Supply Kit

This can be used for El Nino, fire or any other unexpected disaster. It’s thorough. Read it here.

KPBS San Diego

KPBS keeps things pretty mellow normally, but this valuable interview covers all the things I just mentioned. Read and watch here (4 minutes).

FEMA Flood Maps — How Does Your Neighborhood Stack Up?

This FEMA mapping is a little tricky and is slow. Be patient. Click here to enter your address. If it times out in Chrome, copy the link to Internet Explorer, where it seems to work better. Enter your address like this: 3349 Main Street, San Diego. Each area of town is laid out in a grid, and each grid has a number. That’s the map number. When your map comes up, then I like the “interactive” map button right there in the middle. Play with it and if you zoom out, you’ll see blue areas that are in a greater flood zone. I am in a low flood probability zone. But I am still doing everything on this list.

Prepare, don’t panic. San Diego real estate will continue through Winter 2015 and we’ll be ready and here for you.

Kimberly Dotseth, broker/owner, Blend Real Estate

(858) 291-8110 or


Today’s photo, copyright Kimberly Dotseth (2015).

Caught in a biblical rain storm with Kerry Garnett, Washington, D.C.



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