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The Blend Real Estate Ten Point Vacant House Checklist – San Diego

Vacant House San DiegoWe’ve always said and strongly believe that a vacant, clean home sells faster than anything else. We take A LOT of vacant listings and created a ten-point checklist for our sellers to show them what we do with the home after it’s on the market. This list shows what we complete for all vacant listings no matter where they are located in San Diego County. The list is completed for every house once each 24-48 hours. Sellers love it.

Drive to property.

  1. Check the sign.
  2. Fill the flyer stand outside, replace any insider flyers or sell sheets.
  3. Pick up any trash that has blown into the front or back yard.
  4. Roll trash and recycling cans to the street and retrieve them the next day after trash/recycling is picked up.
  5. Run all faucets and flush all toilets.
  6. Rotate the lights, leaving one on at all times.
  7. Observe the neighbors, see what’s going on around the neighborhood if anything.
  8. Triple check all windows and doors to make sure they are closed and locked. Adjust all the blinds so they are closed.
  9. Once a week: run all faucets long enough to test the hot water. Test heat and air conditioning.
  10. Check the mailbox. Remove anything left at the front door.


We are always prepared to take on a new vacant listing, so all out-of-area owners can be assured that not only will we sell your home quickly for a top-dollar neighborhood price, we’ll treat the property like it’s our own. No you know why we’re always in our cars!

And we’ll always be the last one in your home hours before we close escrow for one last check of the property and our final round of “closing” photos.

Thanks for trusting us with your property!

Call to list today: (858) 452-2599 or email to review the listing contract that we send out to all of our sellers.



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