May 2019

Spring 2019: A Focus on San Diego Home Values

Complimentary Home ValuationChecking in on the blog! Did you know that we spend most of our time on our Facebook page? Why? Because it’s highly interactive. Potential clients, current clients and members of the public send us messages there every day, so it’s easy for us to stay there, answer them, and post our activity there. You’ll always find us there!

There is a cooling to the collective San Diego County market, even though there are always “hot” houses for whatever reason. The cooling on homes over $1 million started last fall, and it continues. To that, just yesterday the National Association of Realtors sent its members an email, telling us how to prepare if “the market tanks” — their words! They choose their communication to the 1.2 million NAR members carefully, so that wording was shocking to me. In addition, in the email, NAR said it doesn’t “think a recession is coming…” and that’s all I needed to read.

NAR is typically behind the curve in actual recession knowledge; that’s news that comes from us on the front line who are selling, but to use that word was telling. As a 20+ member of NAR, I speak NAR code and I know enough to share with you this: focus on real pricing, not the pricing in your head. And sell now rather than later in 2019.

A home that is clean, beautifully staged (hopefully it’s stage — we pay for it at Blend) and beautifully photographed will sit on the market if it’s overpriced.

There is a huge myth that buyers will “make an offer” on an overpriced home. No they won’t. They don’t have to because there is a house down the street that’s an easier get if it’s priced correctly. There is good inventory now for buyers to choose from.

I have had two $1 million+ homes not sell in the last year only over high pricing and I can’t control price. Only the sellers can control the price. Offers come in at X and I can give feedback at Y, but it’s up to the sellers to react. If you think it’s worth more than it is, it doesn’t sell.

At Blend, typically our listings sell in under  two weeks. We’ll always give you the MAX price that we think we can get for it as market makers, which is us pushing it as high as we can push it, with marketing to back up the pricing.

But we can’t make it be worth something that won’t work in today’s market.

If you’d like a free valuation on your home, please ask. And we’ll let you know what’s selling right around you!

And, as of 2019, we provide an EMAILED introductory listing presentation with commission pricing right in it. ZERO other firms in San Diego will do that for you.

Please get in touch with your name and address for a valuation. If you want the emailed listing presentation, please include your email address.

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