April 2015

FOR SALE — All 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Bungalows in San Diego County

DSCF5902In Southern California, we’ve long been known for our architecture, styles of homes that can be found found anywhere in the country, of course. But for the California Bungalow (and the California ranch home; another post for another time), we tend to take ownership.

My research shows there are close to 10,000 California bungalows in San Diego County, and I would consider them ubiquitous, but also charming and part of our heritage. Typically 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, most of our bungalows were built in the 1920s and 1930s. They are not what you hear described as “post war” housing. In fact, they are pre-war or “no war” housing. Typically gable-fronted with a little or no porch, these homes were built to be modest, inexpensive, and low profile. Typically sold to lower or mid-lower income homeowners leaving apartment living, the actual architecture of the bungalow itself beautifully translates to … well, bigger bungalows. Our South Park neighborhood’s subset enclave called Burlingame is home to San Diego’s largest and most expensive California bungalow architecture. South and North Park are San Diego neighborhoods in ZIP code 92104. Burlingame is part of South Park and is also in 92104. If you want dreamy and deluxe bungalows, Burlingame is where you’ll hope to live someday.

For the purpose of today’s exercise, I know and love the bungalow and am personally very familiar with them. So how many are for sale in San Diego County today, I wondered?

Not many. Just 53 for sale in all of the county. The least expensive is $288,500 and the most expensive is $2,200,000 in Coronado, a small house that just hit the market two days ago. The Coronado home is 979 square feet! This post is not an advertisement for these homes, but I know like me, you’re probably curious to see pictures, especially for the Coronado option (you can ask me to email you details on any of these homes).

Depending on price, bungalows go fast. I see them typically in either run-down condition, on a rough or “bad” street, or the opposite — they are on a perfect street and in great shape. Prices will reflect these options. On today’s accompanying chart, you’ll see the 2/1 bungalows for sale organized by ZIP code. Like anything in real estate, location is key. Keep in mind, these homes are typically small! I searched for all two bedroom, one bathroom bungalows in San Diego County for sale today. It’s just 53.

What surprised me was to see this 2/1 configuration outside of the borders of the city of San Diego, with a few creeping into my list from North County and points east.

If San Diego pricing scares you, remember this: affordable housing in San Diego is a direct reflection of size and location. So consider your bungalow a starter home for our beautiful region, and know that when you want to sell, there will be someone right there, clamoring to buy your home. I have never seen a bungalow NOT go up in value over time.

The odd ball on this list is showing at 504 days on the market in La Mesa. Asking price $369,000. Hmmmm…I think rather than dig into that house and tell you exactly why it hasn’t sold, we’ll just leave it there as an oddity to wonder about.

For California bungalows of any size, shape, condition and price, call us at Blend Real Estate to get started on your home search (or sale) today: (858) 452-2599. P.S. they are a great rental investment because they were built to last.

Here’s the list:

Blend Real Estate Presents the 2/1 Bungalow for Sale

Kimberly Dotseth, broker/owner, Blend Real Estate

kimberly @ blendrealestate.com

(858) 452-2599

(Today’s photo: a California bungalow we used to own. Photo copyright: Kimberly Dotseth, 2015)

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