October 2013

One again, the house sold too fast for the marketing

It has happened a lot lately — the listings we take at Blend Real Estate always look really good. And sell really fast.

Usually before all the marketing happens. But have no fear, the seller still gets it all. Here, our video of 3467 Bevis Street.

This one sold in days. And to really excellent buyers who will bring so much to this special San Diego neighborhood.

It was amazing while it lasted. Catch the next one! Better yet, list with us and watch your own video from the comfort of having YOUR house sold.

-Kimberly (858) 452-2599

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San Diego University City Home Pricing – Current Numbers 2013

DSC_0081-002Don’t you just love new technology? I have something wonderful to use now, a data service called 10K that measures all kinds of sales information in real estate locally. I am going to profile in this post just University City (ZIP code 92122) pricing for the last year — it’s all up. There are endless charts I could embed into my blog, all that would be live and active like price per square foot or inventory supply. But let’s start with price.

And to add some text and clarity to the chart, as of September 2013, homes in University City were selling on AVERAGE for $751,929 and were up in value 21.2% in one year. This is incredible and it happened all over San Diego.

Are you interested in seeing another area of town, or condos or a different way to look at pricing? Just ask me. I can send you a custom PDF or create a blog post just for you. It takes just a couple of minutes.

If you’re ready to talk about the value of YOUR home, please contact me via email with your property address for a response within fifteen minutes.



P.S. this kitchen belongs to a new listing of mine at 3467 Bevis, San Diego, CA 92111. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, great yard. A lot of bang for the buck at $450,000.

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California Association of REALTORS Expo and my Social Media presentation

Social Media in Real EstateAttached is a link to my Evernote notebook on my presentation for the California Association of REALTORS (CAR) Expo from October 8 – 10, 2013. I was asked to speak on social media for real estate. I will be speaking Tuesday and Wednesday.

For those who heard part of or all of the presentation, what we discuss will be based on these notes. You’ve got the notes, you’ve got the digital cookies. The milk’s up to you.

These notes are not to be reprinted, redistributed, or shared. They are copywritten to Kimberly Dotseth, broker/owner, Blend Real Estate (c) 2013.

That said, if you have any questions, please ask! Thanks.

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“That Box Is Too Small!” A Cat and Dog Video to End the Week

CarlyI don’t know about you and your pets, but I have three cats and one is particularly large (not this one). And I do plan to make some videos of them. But regardless of their size, each tries to do the same thing: squeeze into a place or thing that is simply too small. Many times I have walked in the room to find my large girl Bella’s huge Tortie behind and white legs in the air, wiggling around, because her head is trapped in a box or bowl just like with these adorable pets. Somehow though she always manage to “get out of it” and save herself. These are really laugh-out-loud moments in my life and I hope in yours, too.

Wishing you a great weekend — with your pets! And if you have a link to any funny cat videos, please let me know. The photo today is of Carly, my cat who likes to get small and hide. Here, hiding in the vet’s kitten scale.

And P.S. the housing market in San Diego has slowed down again – ever so slightly. It’s mostly a buyer’s market both under and over $500K.



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