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1950s Pink Kitchen – Pristine! Perfect Real Estate

cooker-295135_1280The people at Bored Panda keep me very busy online. They have some interesting stories but not typically about real estate, and never about the real estate I love and cherish: mid century properties. Except today.

This 1956 ranch home was {for some unknown reason} completely sealed up after it was built in 1956. Sealed and never used; never lived it. But it was tricked out, 1950s style! It was recently purchased and “unsealed” and in the link below is the kitchen the new owner got.

In San Diego we have so many mid century kitchens untouched, but they are lived in. So they’re a bit thread-bare, so to speak, but THIS unused kitchen is perfection. Oh, to have been able to see it.

New appliances and decor, new surfaces and flooring. There are no words. I thought you might enjoy a peak into my mind as to what’s perfect in this world.

It’s this pink kitchen.



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