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Why Sellers Love Us

Besides our listing guarantee, we guarantee that all the marketing we mention in our listing presentation will be done and we’ll checklist it off for you throughout the marketing phase. We work seven days a week with a phone that doesn’t turn off.
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Why Buyers Love Us

This brokerage was launched with our buyers’ home shopping experiences in mind. This site offers no property search software. We believe you, as a savvy future home buyer, already have a favorite website where you look at properties for sale. All of our buyers look online differently and we invite you to do the same. Follow their lead! Simply send us the homes you are curious about. If those homes are sold or still available for you, we’ll let you know. Did you know the best way for you to see an unfiltered and total picture look at homes in San Diego is to have your own search set up on our San Diego Multiple Listing Service called Sandicor? Only we can set you up and every result is pure, accurate and won’t waste your time like some of the big aggregator sites can do. If a home is sent to you via email, it’s for sale.


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What We Do

Blend is a brokerage for listings and sellers. You’ll be offered our award winning results and services for your home. We specialize in the preparation of your home for sale before it even hits the Multiple Listing Service. We are extremely good at what we do.

We guarantee that all marketing we mention in our listing presentation will be implemented and we’ll checklist it off for you throughout the marketing phase. Our listings are always treated with a simple philosophy: every property is an estate. We blend seamlessly the same marketing for every home no matter its price.



About Kimberly Dotseth

Blend Real Estate was founded by Kimberly Dotseth. She was named “Broker Of The Year” in 2012 by the San Diego Association of REALTORS, the largest trade organization in San Diego County with over 12,000 members. She was also named a Five Star Agent by San Diego Magazine for 2007 – 2018. With $250+ million sold, Kimberly manages your entire real estate process from pre-listing preparation of the home to the final day of escrow.

Also working with Blend Real Estate is Kerry Garnett, a highly successful broker associate who left his corporate career in television to try houses. And he’s amazing! Kerry Garnett can be found at and (858) 869-3351.

Kimberly brings her award-winning track record to your real estate process and a guarantee that if you’re not happy, you can cancel your listing for any reason at any time with zero financial or contractual obligation. It’s written into your listing agreement. Unlike other brokers, she encourages her clients to be creative. Whatever you need in your real estate transaction, she’ll deliver it. All of her agents have the same philosophy: creative intelligence day and night at work to make all clients happy.



Our Services

Blend was created primarily around listings. What do our sellers need to get a home sold, often with multiple offers and to a qualified buyer? Our job is to write a brilliant online presence for the seller, organize professional photography and build a narrative around the property. We use a software program that we developed to organize multiple offers into a handy worksheet for the seller to compare all buyers equally. We get sellers through the marketing and offer phases, through escrow, right down to handing them their final proceeds check. We are market makers — we push the price and get it.

Contracts are fast, easy and signed electronically. Buyers, we serve all your needs too from scoping out every property for sale that matches your criteria, to writing a compelling professional letter that accompanies your offer, to negotiating hard and fast for you. Those negotiating skills: buckle up. We are stealth, our knowledge about real estate runs really deep, and we intend to win your contract preferences no matter which side we’re representing.



Photography and Video

All listings are photographed with a Nikon D5000 DSLR camera and a variety of wide angle lenses. Boom flash, tripod, lighting and a little editing will make your photos simply gorgeous. Videos are produced with a variety of special video cameras just for real estate purposes. Wow factor included.



Home Staging

What a difference things make! When we say staging, it can mean adding or taking away from your personal space when prepping your home for sale. Less is often more, but empty is not more. In vacant homes, we ‘surface stage’ the kitchen, fireplace mantle, front door area and bathrooms. Candles are vitally important to ambiance at open houses and they are new for every listing. To get top dollar, everything must be clean and smell great. Sparkly sells. We pay to have all listings professionally cleaned before staging and photography.

We take care of sparkly from our vast inventory of staging materials. If your home is not vacant, we work with what you have in place and often put a few things away. Voila! Your home looks bigger. It’s magic. We know what works. It take less than an afternoon to get staging done no matter the size of the property.




Blend Real Estate will continue Kimberly’s brokerage tradition of donating commission to charity. There is no limit as to what can be donated but often it’s 10% of the gross commission received by the brokerage. Right off the top. We feel very passionate about three subjects and our donations reflect this: Animals, Seniors and Blood Cancer.

We donate to many, many animal charities and Meals on Wheels. The third charity is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Saving animals, feeding seniors and trying to eradicate blood cancers take up much of our personal philanthropic time and dollars.



Find Us Online

You’ll find us actively involved with all social media. Feel free to watch us or interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. For Facebook, we make it a policy to never “friend” our clients unless they want to friend us first, and if they do then we accept immediately because we want to get to know you better. We prefer this process because our first job is to do business with you and jumping into your personal space may not be your preference. We respect your boundaries and are friendly people who mix business and pleasure all the time. Some of our social media posts are business, some are personal. Please say hello, like, follow or friend!

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Thank you SO much, Kimberly! Thank you for everything and your hard work in securing our dream home. We loved your thank you gifts. Your professionalism and attention to detail was outstanding and your friendship means the world to us. – Dr. TS and ES

Kim, you’ve put a lot of time and energy into helping us with this house. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and straightforwardness. Thank you for your work and all your effort getting us these multiple offers! – HB and GB

Kimberly, thank you so much for managing my mother’s estate and that weekend sale. Everything went according to plan. I appreciate your calm work with the sale, the house and the offers. Job well done, hope to see you soon. – KS

Dear Kimberly, I want to thank you for managing my aunt’s estate sale. Thank you for all you did from that sale weekend. You took care of everything. I never imagined her items had such value. I will recommend you to all my friends. Thank you for the great Nordstrom goodies. – DJ

Hi Kim, we wanted to thank you for managing my parent’s estate. It was so sad to sell the house but we were overwhelmed and you made the house empty and got it sold. Thank you for the canvas art of the property. I will miss the house but want to thank you for moving it to the next family. – PG

Dear Kim, I just sent my co-worker and her boyfriend to you. I said you were the best and they had to work with you. I said they would be in great hands with you. Thank you for everything you did for us! – PK

 Kimberly, I received your beautiful package in the mail. Thank you so much. It was so nice to work with another realtor in another state on the sale of my house and I look forward to staying in touch and sending you more business. –E.M.

 Hello Kim! I received a San Diego realtor survey to rate my experience with my agent. Of course, I gave you “11’s” in every category. Here are some photos of my recently planted 450 tulip bulbs in bloom! –C.B.

 Kim, you rock! We (heart) our new home! – M.L.



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